Areas of Competition

The Lake County Pageant is comprised of three areas of competition:

interview, daywear, and formalwear. 

2020 interviews.JPEG

Interview - 35% of score

  • Timed panel style interview with a set of 3 judges:

    • Littles - ​3 minutes

    • Juniors - 3 minutes 

    • Teens - 4 minutes

    • Miss - 5 minutes 

  • Contestants are judged on projection of confidence, communication skills, and overall appearance*

Daywear - 35% of score

2020 daywear 2.jpeg

  • Contestants will walk a specific modeling pattern that will be taught at pageant practice and recite a prepared speech in front of a set of judges.

  • Example speech topics:

    • Little Miss Topic:​ What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?

    • Junior Miss Topic: Tell us about an event you would like to create

    • Teen Miss Topic: Do you think social media is a good or bad thing?

    • Miss Topic: Share your platform in detail

  • Contestants are judged primarily on their communication/delivery of speech as well as their modeling and overall appearance*

2020 daywear.jpg
2020 formalwear 2.jpeg

Formalwear - 30% of score

  • Contestants will walk a specific modeling pattern that will be taught at pageant practice and answer a pop question in front of a set of judges:

    • Pop questions will not be revealed ahead of time. All contestants will hear their question for the first time on stage

  • Example questions:

    • Little Miss:​ If you could do something nice for a friend, what would you do?

    • Junior Miss: If you saw a classmate being bullied, what would you do?

    • Teen Miss: What does the expression life's not fair mean to you?

    • Miss: What message would you give the world about pageants and the girls that compete in them?

  • Contestants are judged primarily on good communication, volume, and clarity of their answer as well as their modeling and overall appearance*

2020 formalwear.jpg

* Overall appearance does NOT mean facial beauty or body image. Overall appearance refers to how comfortable and confident contestants look on stage!